9 Elms Development | Nine Elms Biography - Don Peterson
Don Peterson has been the Chairman of Nine Elms Development LLC since its inception. His extensive background gives him makes him essential to the work that Nine Elms does and be a key asset for its clients.
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Donald Peterson

Biography – Don Peterson, Chairman

Don’s extensive career has led him to nearly all points of the globe, including such far flung spots as Mongolia and New Zealand. A graduate of the University of Denver and a retired CPA, Don began his career with Arthur Andersen and spent his early years auditing companies throughout the world, an experience that brought him priceless insights into how companies large and small can succeed. After leaving Arthur Andersen, Don held progressively responsible positions in public accounting and oil and gas exploration, where he rose to the ranks of Chief Financial Officer and ultimately, Chief Executive Officer. In his role at Nine Elms, Don plays an essential part in helping our clients understand the machinations of the American economy, and helps small business in any sector thrive here by reducing their risk and helping them pinpoint the most profitable targets. A native of North Dakota, Don grew up in Montana and spent most of his professional life in Denver.