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Nine Elms has a small but passionate team who, together, seek to further the growth of every company who collaborates with Nine Elms.
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You’ve probably been told that American business people and consumers are relationship-oriented – and that’s true – but we’re also fond of relying on such things as references, processes, certifications and other vital part of a plan when we make buying decisions.  Thus, expecting to suddenly have a direct sales team, a distribution strategy, and people representing your product in the field is a sure path to a lot of wasted time, a lot of wasted money, and the development of an unsavory reputation among potential buyers.

At Nine Elms, we appreciate the need to succeed quickly, but many’s the time we’ve seen producers rush ahead to get something done FAST, and they pick distributors who don’t know their market, salespeople who don’t develop lasting relationships with your buyers, and other significant pitfalls.  We know you’d like results right away – but quick results come from a proper plan, with the right strategy, the right pricing, and the right territory development.

In the US, there are nearly 330 million residents.  Add in Canada and Mexico (if these markets appeal to you) and the number rises to 497 million.  You need a plan to find out which of those millions of people are the ones you want – and just as importantly, the ones you don’t want.

We can help you make a plan, a plan that works, is methodical and focused on achieving your objectives as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, here is our first piece of free advice:  unless you want to guarantee your failure, just rush in and work with whomever you want.  You will fail… but if we help you put together a plan, you’ll go as quickly as possible without failure.