9 Elms Development | How can we create a win/win scenario when a divestiture is in the works?
Nine Elms Development LLC makes market access to North America easier, faster, and more affordable for small international companies with innovative ideas. Using contacts made from rich careers in energy, mining, food and beverage, the team at Nine Elms leverage their talent to create opportunities for all of their clients, no matter the industry.
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“How can we create a win/win scenario when a divestiture is in the works?”

While working on a divestiture of a field resources company (Fuelco), a major oil and gas subsidiary of the Colorado public service company XCEL Energy, we had an opportunity to negotiate very favorable sales of assets for the company (oil and gas resources) which resulted in a truly significant gain to the parent company.  As a result, we were also able to advise and fund an extremely generous and favorable package of options for all the employees of Fuelco – a true win/win situation.