9 Elms Development | Press Release - New Focus on South Africa
In a focused effort to expand its client portfolio, Nine Elms is reaching out to food companies in South Africa, adding to its current interests in Europe and Australia.
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September 27, 2017


In a focused effort to expand its client portfolio, Nine Elms is reaching out to food companies in South Africa, adding to its current interests in Europe and Australia.

Las Vegas, Nevada — Nine Elms Development LLC is a Las Vegas-based company, but its interests are global in scope. With clients who hail from Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, and Australia, Nine Elms has a portfolio that already crosses continents. Beginning this fall, however, the company will expand its interests once more to include a new continent – Africa.

With more than 50 countries and over 2,000 languages, the African continent has a rich cultural heritage and a range of traditions that change as you move from North to South, and East to West. Egypt, Libya, and Morocco lie in the north of Africa, with familiar countries such as Senegal and Sierra Leone in the west, and Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya in the east. It is in the south of the continent, however, that Nine Elms will make its first foray – specifically, the country of South Africa.

Nine Elms has already made contact with prospects in South Africa, a country which boasts an estimated 56 million people, based on figures from the last census. An upcoming trade fair in Cologne, Germany has given the Nine Elms team the unique opportunity to reach out to representatives from various international companies, but anticipation is high for meetings that have been scheduled with South African exhibitors. This is especially the case for Nathan Wilson, a recent hire whose title – Business Development Manager, Europe and Africa – highlights Nine Elms new interests. Liese Peterson, Nine Elms’ CEO, makes the company’s position very clear: “I want to emphasize to the South Africans that we have someone dedicated to helping them.”

Nathan is scheduled to officially begin working with Nine Elms on the October 1, just in time to attend ANUGA with Liese Peterson and Don Peterson, who is the Chairman for Nine Elms. The team is hoping to not only learn more about food companies in South Africa through contacts made at the trade show, but to expand their reach even further into the country by partnering with Food SA, which will be present in the spacious South African Pavilion. “This represents opportunity at its finest – for all of us,” states Don confidently. While a meeting with the association is still tentative, Liese, Don, and Nathan have high hopes that talks will occur.

Nine Elms Development is a company which simplifies market access for small international businesses seeking to enter the North American market for the first time, as well as helping to increase distribution for companies that have already established themselves in the US. From assisting with vetting insurance companies to helping with FDA-approval, from pinpointing markets of interest to representing companies at trade shows, Nine Elms offers its clients a variety of services. For a country like South Africa – with its growing food industry and burgeoning international reach – Nine Elms is a natural fit, extending the reach of small companies who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enter the larger global marketplace.

“This is an exciting time,” says Liese, CEO. “Two big trends in the US right now are online retailing and organic and natural foods.  These create a truly ideal situation for new entrants to the market. When the traditional chain of supply is disrupted, it usually favors those who are coming in new. And now that Amazon.com has bought Whole Foods, the opportunities for companies in the US are endless.”


Nine Elms will be present at the ANUGA trade fair this October in Cologne, Germany, from the 7th through the 11th of the month. The afternoon of Tuesday, October 10th, Liese, Don, and Nathan will be meeting especially with company representatives in the South African Pavilion. Look for them there.

About Nine Elms:

Nine Elms Development LLC is headed by husband and wife team, Liese and Don Peterson. While the two fill many capacities in the small company, Liese’s official title is CEO. Don, a retired CPA, acts as the company’s Chairman of the Board. Both are supported by a dedicated team of employees who bring their diverse talents to the fore for the sake of the company’s bottom line – making market access to North America easier, faster, and more affordable for small international companies with innovative ideas. Using contacts made from rich careers in food, beverage, energy, and mining, Liese and Don leverage their talent to create opportunities for all of their clients, no matter the industry.



Contact: Liese Peterson, Nine Elms, +1 702 688 1438