9 Elms Development | Nine Elms Services
Nine Elms Development offers companies from Europe, Australia, and Africa the chance to begin selling at once in the United States without investing in fixed overhead. Both sales and marketing is provided, enabling clients to have North American time-zone representation on a purely scalable basis.
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  • marketing
  • sales
  • research
  • representation
  • database creation and management
  • government filings
  • trade show operations support
  • distribution
  • staffing/hiring
  • contracts
  • appointments


  • Dedicated importing and distribution services
  • Permitting support for alcoholic beverages


  • Nine Elms-exclusive online retailing for clients
  • customized service options
  • scalable solutions
  • no long-term commitments

Investing in new markets is difficult, requiring significant amounts of time, money, and personnel. This is particularly true for overseas companies hoping to expand into North America. Unfortunately, success is never guaranteed. So, why try? What’s the benefit of taking such a risk? Revenue. Sustainability. Growth. This is the dream of every company but, for many small businesses, such a venture is simply out of the question. Expansion into new markets, however, shouldn’t just be an option for large businesses with deep pockets. Opportunities can be created ― with the right business model and industry insight. This is what Nine Elms offers its clients.

Utilizing a revolutionary concept called First Office, Nine Elms allows small international companies to have a presence in the North American market with minimal risk, minimal investment, and zero additional personnel. We do more than offer advice, manage databases, or make phone calls ― Nine Elms becomes an extension of your business, acting as your on-the-ground contact and company headquarters. We give you all of the benefits of a physical presence in the US without any of the cost. Additional benefits to you? Smaller overhead, greater revenue, and faster access to channels of distribution. What’s more, you can get several steps closer to being able to make the investment in a physical office for yourself in the future, after already establishing yourself as a viable company in your target market.

Nine Elms services are customized for every client. No single company is like any other ― why should you be treated as though you were the same? Start and stop services whenever you like, or make use of other benefits we offer ongoing clients. No membership, no strings, just the opportunity to get your products where you want them, more affordably and easier than you ever imagined. That’s the Nine Elms guarantee.

What is First Office™?

The Nine Elms First Office™ program has helped companies in two different continents win clients in North America. This innovative system gives you access to:

  • Branded salespeople trained to sell your product professionally and quickly without your having to employ anyone
  • Industry-specific expertise and networking through the use of Nine Elms’ extensive database of contacts and influencers — without your having to open a brick and mortar office to get started
  • Immediate, same-time zone representatives for products that need an American voice, offering a higher level of service for buyers in the US and Canadian markets.

In short, Nine Elms can handle all your North American marketing needs, from trade shows to social media to private events and more – at a far lower cost than could be achieved if you did it yourself from a remote location.